Micol’s story – learning English in Dublin

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MicolI still remember when one year ago, after loosing my job, i said to my parents: “I would like to go abroad, have an experience in a English Speaking Country and look for a job there”. My parents looked at me and answered: “What are you saying? You are 30! You are too old … and you don’ t have a good level of English. It will be hard for you”.

Yes, it would have been hard but not impossible. I didn’t care about my age, about my basic English and in general about people’s thoughts; for the first time i was really sure about my choice. I knew that i could do it. The work situation in Italy disappointed me several times. Despite of my degree in Medical Biology, i couldn’ t find a good job in my sector. And what’s more, i really wanted to learn English. So i decided to leave.

That’s how the biggest challenge of my life started.

I was afraid but at the same time so excited. I planned everything: 4 months of English Course and then 4 months of work experience in the pharmaceutical area.

The time that i spent in Alpha College was amazing. I met people from all over the world getting the opportunity to know new cultures. Teachers were competent, attentive and they followed me step by step. I couldn’t believe how fast my English was getting better. When i did the job interview for my work experience in Merck (one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world), i was definitely confident with my English. I got the job easily and i started to work in the Quality Control Department. My work consisted of sampling, inspecting and testing of all packaging materials and components for Packaged Product. Moreover, every week, there were courses and training for new employees like me.

My work experience was finishing when, one day, my boss offered a contract to me. I was completely astonished…my dream was coming true!! Obviously i accepted it and i’m still working here.

This is the end of a beautiful story…MY STORY!!  But, please, don’t think that it can’t be also your story!!  There is no age to learn English or to start a new life… just believe in yourself! If you want you can!

Good Luck to everybody!