Anyone but Bono… (Part One)

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Alternatives to U2…

When the topic of Irish music comes up in class, I ask students to name some Irish singers or bands.  Nine out of ten students say U2.  Now, I really like U2 and unlike many Irish people, I even like Bono.  This is not what this blog is about.  There are so many other Irish singers and Irish bands that don’t get the coverage they deserve.  This is a three-part series in which I will give you some alternatives.

Snow Patrol

The first band was formed at Dundee University in Scotland but it is considered an Irish band because every member except one is Irish.  They have had huge success, selling over 13 million albums worldwide. “Chasing Cars” is probably their best known song but have a listen to my favourite one:

The Frames

The second band, is led by Glen Hansard, who won an Oscar for his music in the film “Once”, but his band the Frames have been around for much longer and are well regarded in the music industry.  Glen Hansard joins Bono on Christmas Eve to go busking on Grafton Street to raise money for charity.

Damien Rice

The third is a singer-songwriter who is one of my favourites to listen to when relaxing.  His music has featured in many movies and TV series like Closer, The Inbetweeners, The L Word, Bones, The OC, Alias, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, House, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, One Tree Hill, and even the Korean drama, Spring Waltz.

What do you think?

So there you go, three alternatives to U2. Who is your favourite? Here is a link to a YouTube playlist with more songs from these artists:

Don’t forget to download the lyrics and practise your English. Next week we will be looking at some of the current superstars in Irish music.