How to meet locals in Dublin

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Join a sports club

A goal for many students is to meet local people other than the teachers in their school.  Now the most common place to do this is in the pub but this can be difficult due to the noise, too many pints of Guinness or something else. There are other great options such as joining a sports club.

A student of ours from Korea recently joined a Basketball Group on Facebook. Jaebeom sent me an email about his experience. I have to say, his last paragraph is excellent advice to students studying in Ireland. Well done Jaebeom!

What sport did you choose?

Basketball is my “Cup Of Tea”!!! I used to play basketball some might say TOO MUCH(More Than Four Times A Week…) in a Korean basketball club. So I’d really wanted to share my hobby with other friends in Dublin and I’d been trying to find people who love basketball. Finally I found nice basketball friends and they let me join the excellent basketball group. I’m such a Lucky guy!

How does it work?

We play basketball every Monday and Thursday. The day before Monday and Thursday, someone post on Facebook Group to check who is coming but they accept only 15 people each days. So I have to reserve as soon as I see the post. I succeeded in last Monday and this Monday but I failed last Thursday. When I succeeded in booking, I was enjoying basketball for 2 and half hours with 5€.

Did you meet anyone interesting?

I went there only twice, and I said before even they don’t know well each other. Despite this, I met some guys who were sharing the same hobby, and we were able to be close easily because we have a common thing.

What advice would you give to language students in Dublin?

Actually abroad student meet only friends who are studying in the same school, even I did before. Why don’t you share your hobbies with real Irish people? There must be some people who have the same hobbies as you. We can searching for in Google or Meet up and ask our teachers. Just try! We don’t have to be afraid. The fact that we are here means we are already brave! I think outside activities are really good for energizing our life in Dublin. Besides we can feel real Irish culture from real Irish people. That might be different from that we thought. I hope everybody’ll enjoy our rest of life in Dublin. Don’t waste our time!

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