How to meet locals in Dublin (Part Two)

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Join a Meetup Group

One of the best things you can do when learning a language is to practise your English by speaking to locals.  A wonderful student of ours joined a Meetup Group and here is Sandra’s experience.

Once I heard about this website, I spent the whole evening browsing through the wide range of meetup groups.  Astonished by the variety of events and cultural diversity, I felt a little bit overwhelmed.  There are various Walking Groups, which offer different walks around Dublin; Yoga & Mediation Groups, some of them are for free; Cinema & Movie Groups with discussions afterwards; every kind of Language Exchange Groups; Single & Party Groups for nightowls; for art lovers and the intellectually ambitious there is also an enormous selection of Literature & Art Groups… and everything else you might desire!!


What group to choose?

I would say this was a typical agony-of-choice situation.  All these options didn’t make it easy to make a decision… So I tried to figure out the most suitable for me.  As I love walking and exploring different areas around Dublin, I chose a walking group which offers walks along the coast and even in the Wicklow Mountains.  I registered on Meetup, opened one of these walking group’s sites and asked to become a member.  Unfortunately, because of insurance purposes, the group is currently closed for new members, so they refused my request.  However, there are many other groups!  Friends of mine, who have lived in Ireland for several years, told me about board games evenings they have been to.  As I played a lot during my time at University, I was wondering if there were any Gaming Meetups – and of course there are…


How it works

Most of the Meetups change venues.  In order to find out where the meeting will take place and to ensure that there is a place for you, you ought to register with the group and confirm your attendance.  Then you can see on the group’s site, where the meeting will be held.  Having done all of this, I joined a Board Games Group on a Sunday afternoon.  The pub was perfect for such a meeting.  There were around 30 people, some already playing, others about to start.  It wasn’t long before I found some people for a game.  I have attended their events several times and I have always met different players.  Everyone brings along his own games so I have never played the same game twice.  I have always had a really great time!  People are all very welcoming and open-minded.  Most of them are there regularly so friendships can grow easily.  I absolutely recommend you signing up to meetups and joining a group that suits you!  It’s a fantastic way to meet new people and to have a lot of fun!!! 🙂


  Sandra          A_Game_Of_Thrones_board_game_detail