End of an era for Dublin Airport’s Departure Information Board

Stephen ShorttAbout Dublin & Ireland, Blog

After being the centre of information in Dublin Airport’s Terminal 1 for over 10 years, the huge flight information board in the departures area is to be removed and replaced with 15 flight information screens.

The change is part of an overall programme to modernise Terminal 1, which is more than 40 years old.

Dublin Airport spokeswoman Siobhan O’Donnell said “The flight information board in T1 has been in place since 2005 and had become a symbol of Dublin Airport over the past 10 years.  We’ll be sorry to see the big board go, but the way in which passengers avail of information has changed dramatically over the past decade and we have to move with the times.”

Do you remember seeing this enormous board when you were leaving Dublin?  Do you care that it’s being dismantled?

There’s a part of me that would love to try and keep some of it to have in our reception to let our students know which classes they should be in but I think we may need to get a bigger reception for that to work…

The photo above is of the flight information board at Dublin Airport, Terminal 1 during the Ash Cloud disruption in 2010 when all flights around Europe were cancelled. File photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times