Glendalough – The valley of the two lakes!

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Glendalough – The valley of the two lakes!

In Italian we have a saying: “A Pasquetta piove sempre “ (“It always rains on Easter Monday”).  This Murphy’s law-esque maxim refers to the fact that the traditional excursions and picnics Italians organise the day after Easter, the last day of Spring Holidays, is often ruined by the bad weather.  But still, we want to enjoy our last day of Spring Holiday, a bit of rain doesn’t stop us!

Nor does the fact that now I am in a foreign country.

I was delighted to find out that the Easter Monday excursion is also part of Alpha’s tradition we do not want our students to miss out on practising English, we spent our Easter Monday together by the nature and visited one of the most beautiful places in the area surrounding Dublin: Glendalough Valley.


The lakes, the hills, the woods, the fresh air…  it’s the perfect place if you need a quick escape from the city.  However, a visit to this fascinating valley can satisfy both your cravings for natural beauties and historical delights.

Glendalough is,  in fact, also a monastic site,  a very ancient and important one indeed, and the surviving buildings date from the 10th to the 12th century.

Glendalough Cemetry

I might be a little bit of a creep, but my favourite part was, hands down, the visit to the cemetery.  Just like Thomas Grey in Elegy written in a country churchyard, I felt so deep and philosophical, thinking about the life of these long gone people and how death just makes everyone equal…


…and I also met some cool new friends.

So, the tradition of the having Easter Monday excursion was honoured.  Except for the rain. But gee, was it cold.

Group Photo by the lakes

So, if you are interested in visiting this beautiful site, come talk to us so we can give you all the info you need.

Guest Post
This blog post was written by Sara Frau, the Marketing Intern at Alpha College.