6 reasons choosing an Alpha host family is definitely the best option

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The 6 reasons choosing an Alpha host family is definitely the best option

Dublin really is an economically vibrant city and, as such, it attracts a great number of people from the rest of the world, both for studying and working. One of the most fascinating things about this city is, in fact, its cultural diversity and liveliness. Of course, all this movement of people has it downsides, too many people, not enough accommodations. You really want to come to Ireland, but where will you sleep? Alpha college is here again to sort you out! One of the options we propose for your time in Dublin is a host family. Here are the 6 reasons you should consider an Alpha family.

#1: You won’t have to worry about finding your own place

Finding accommodation in Dublin is no easy task. I am quite a traveller and know how hard it is to find a decent place to sleep, so when I found out I was moving to Dublin, I tried to look for some accommodation in advance while I was in my hometown, Bologna. I have been flatsharing for many years now, so I thought that finding a flat and a couple roommates would have been the perfect solution also for my time in  Dublin… how naïve of me. I searched through the most famous online classifieds websites and facebook groups and, after many many many hours of writing e-mails and posting ads myself (during which I could have been sleeping, ah!), instead of a room at a walkable distance from the school, I received:

  • 14 scam attempts;
  • 2 dating proposals;
  • I-don’t-know-how-many offers for rooms placed at “one hour train ride” from the centre of Dublin;
  • A few other offers for places in bunk beds in rooms shared with other 7 people for 500€ a month.

I gave up.

And I decided it would have been more productive to use my time to sleep instead (I was working and writing my thesis at the same time, so…).

Then, I asked Alpha to help me out with the accommodation: after one hour I was all settled. What a relief.

So, I would say the main reason I would suggest to go to a host family is: you don’t have to worry about anything. You won’t have to deal with scammers, creeps, opportunists and so on. Just let Alpha deal with it. And enjoy your sleep.

#2. No more dealing with crazy flatmates and “rustic” houses

So, maybe you get lucky. Instead of relaxing or enjoying your free time, you decide to keep on searching for a room, and hard work pays off. You find a shared flat, a cosy room, a not too high rent (remember:  rent in Dublin vary from €350 for a shared room up to more than €1000 in Dublin 2)[1], and a walkable distance from Alpha College. What could ever go wrong?


During my university days, I have changed houses 4 times and had to deal with 13 flatmates, so I am sort of an expert. Flatsharing is undoubtedly a romantic experience, but let’s not forget…

…that one time when I had to try and fix the washing machine with my bare hands.

Or that one time I had to chase a mouse –  YES, A MOUSE – which had entered from a hole in the wall.

Or that one flatmate who never washed the dishes and would let mould grow on them (I swear this is all real).

Or that one time my flatmates held a party just outside my room at three in the morning the day before I had a 4 hour morning exam.

I could go on forever. Do you really want to deal with all of that during your stay in Dublin?

Alpha host families are handpicked and monitored through questionnaires and regular visits. All the appliances will work perfectly fine – and, in case something happens, it will surely not be your problem – , no holes in the walls, your flatmates will be other Alpha students or a nice Irish families (and we assure, no parties on Wednesday night to keep you awake), no dealing with careless landlords. A dream come true!

#3. No more instant noodles and pizza diet

It’s a well-known fact that students cooking, peril thriving. Doing groceries and preparing your own food is, for many, a time-wasting and rather tedious activity. So most people just end up eating ready-made meals or ordering pizzas, which, to be frank, is neither the cheapest nor the healthiest solution. During your stay in an Alpha family, food will not be a problem anymore! Your host will provide you with some real, delicious and healthy foods, and, most important, it will be included in the fee (except lunches Monday to Friday).

Moreover, you won’t have to be concerned with all the boring stuff that taking care of a house involves. No more splitting up utilities with the aforementioned flatmates, no more fighting over who has to buy toilet paper or clean the bathroom. The only thing you will have to worry about will be learning about the Irish culture and improving your English. Speaking of which…

#4. You will have the chance to speak English outside the classroom

Alpha College surely does provide the highest quality English language training. However, you might feel you want to put to use what you learn in class. In a multicultural city such as Dublin you might encounter great people from all the corners of the world (which is awesome!), however speaking only with other foreigners might not be doing too much for your linguistic improvement. Another great advantage of staying in an Alpha host family is that you will have the chance to speak with Irish people even outside the classroom. It’s like getting some free English lessons! Cool, right?

Moreover, your host family will be more than happy to tell you everything about the Irish culture and help you getting around the city. And, last but not least, you will be living with other Alpha students. You will have the chance to experience both that incredible multiculturalism that makes your time in Dublin even more valuable and  to learn about the Irish life-style and traditions. As the saying goes, kill two birds with one stone.

#5. You will actually save a lot of money

We don’t like to be materialistic, but let’s face it: Dublin is quite expensive. We mentioned before how accommodation is hard to find (especially for a short period). Another solution might be staying in a hostel or an Airbnb, right? Well, the cheapest hostels in Dublin offer a place in a 12 people dorm at an average of €15 during weekdays and €30 during the weekends. Meals not included. And you will have to book way in advance in order to get that deal. Same goes with Airbnb, which is not even that safe since the owner may decline your booking with short notice (again, true story). Therefore, the Alpha host family is most probably the cheapest solution you can find.

#6. You will be in a familiar and safe environment

Being far from home is rough. Maybe this is your first time far from your country, family and friends. Sometimes you might feel lonely and in need of some affection. When you stay with an Alpha family, you will really feel like you’re at home and become part of that family. You will eat dinner with your hosts and the other guests, and be in a warm and welcoming environment.

[1] http://www.dit.ie/campuslife/studentsupport/costoflivingguide/

Guest Post
This blog post was written by Sara Frau, the Marketing Intern at Alpha College.

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