5 reasons you should choose Broadstone Adult Residence

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The reasons to stay with a host family were pretty convincing, huh? But still, you are not persuaded. What about your independence? You may want to live in your own place, to buy your own groceries and cook your own food. But, as I said in the previous article, finding a flat in Dublin can be such a nightmare… so, what can you do?

You are lucky! Because, if you think of coming to Dublin between June 17th and August 26th, we have the perfect solution for you. The Broadstone residence Hall.

Below are some of the reasons we think you should stay in this amazing student residence.

#1.Everything is at a walking distance

I am terrible with public transport.

I have this sort of impediment that makes it incredibly complicated to take busses in a new city. How do I know which bus I need to take? Where do I take it? Where do I get off? How long will the bus take? Where do I buy tickets? How do I know if I bought the right ticket? I know it’s not rocket science but trust me, it takes me at least three weeks to figure out the bus system of a new place. And when I travel I do not want to waste time learning how to take the bus (it really is a challenge for me). And, most of all, I do not like to waste money on bus tickets! That’s why, when I move to a new place, I prefer my accommodation to be as central as possible, that way I can walk everywhere (with the help of Google maps, of course). If you think that another solution would be getting a bicycle, forget about it: here they drive on the wrong side, do you really trust your reflexes so much?

If you go to Broadstone, you won’t even have to consider taking a bus. Ever. To mention one, Alpha College is at 15 minute walk from the residence. But it is also at:

  • 25 minute walk from Trinity College Dublin
  • 20 minute walk from Temple bar
  • 15 minute walk from The Space cinema
  • 30 minute walk from Phoenix park
  • 15 minute walk from O’connell street
  • 13 minute walk from Ilac shopping centre
  • 10 minute walk from Tesco and Aldi

So supermarkets, parks, pubs, cinemas, will be within a stone’s throw.

To prove how close Broadstone residence is to Alpha, me and Simon recorded the Broadstone walk:

#2. Independence

I would say that the main advantage of being in a host family is that everything is taken care of: groceries, cooking, cleaning… But maybe you like to cook, you prefer picking what you eat and do not mind cleaning the kitchen afterwards. Or maybe you want have the freedom to decide last minute where and what to eat, not being tied to anyone on dinner time.

In the broadstone residence you will completely free and independent. The rooms are single or twins. You will have your own apartment, and in each apartment there are three or four other rooms and a kitchen for you to use whenever you’re hungry (do not wake up your flatmates though…). The best part? Every room is ensuite, which means it has its own bathroom, which means you won’t need to fight with 5 other people to use the shower.

There is  a laundry room (pay as you go) you can use whenever you need it. Yes, it will be like having your own place, but even better because…

#3.You will meet many new friends

You have arrived to a new city where you don’t know anyone and maybe your language skills are not very strong. You want to meet new people and have a social life! Well, although you will share your apartment with a few people, the capacity of the Broadstone residence is of more than 100 people: 100 potential new friends from every corner of the world. Broadstone is structured in a way that strongly encourages socialising even if you are shy, with all its common areas: from the living rooms in the apartments, the common area with a pool table and videogames, a cinema room with netflix and dvds.

You might think that there is a great deal of downsides in sharing a building with more than a 100 young people: constant noise, nonstop partying, lack of privacy… well, you are wrong! The rooms are very quiet and you will find many areas where you can do your homework, relax and spend some alone time. Plus, there is a ‘no noise’ policy between 12:00 midnight and 7:00am.

#4. It is just beautiful

This may seem a shallow reason, but come on, you have to see your house every single day. Do you want to wake up every morning to a rathole? The place is full of light, everything is new (I was delighted at the scent of newness coming from everywhere). Not to forget the terrace, which overlooks the city center. Don’t trust me, trust the pictures:

5. A few other things I left out

Just a quick list of things I’ve left out:

  • You won’t have to worry about bills, since all the expenses are included in the rent;
  • The whole building has free-WiFi;
  • Although you should try to keep your room tidy, your rooms and bed linen will be cleaned once a week;
  • A friendly and helping managing team will be there to help you out in case you have any problems.

Still not convinced? Watch this video then:

If you would prefer host family accommodation, here is a blog post I wrote on that: 6 reasons to stay in a host family.