Lucas’ experience echoes what Alpha is all about….

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Every Friday, we ask the students who are leaving to fill in Feedback Questionnaires. It is a great way to see how we are doing and we are delighted with the results we get such as 99.3% of people who attended a course would recommend us to a friend. 🙂

We recently got some feedback from Lucas, who was a great addition to the school. He obviously spent time and effort to write about his experience with us Alpha. We would like to share it with you because a lot of his points are the reasons we consistently get such good feedback. So here is Lucas on his thoughts about Alpha, his classes and Dublin.

Lucas Otavio Moras from Brazil

Alpha College in General

For me, Alpha College is one of the best English schools of Dublin. First, the school structure is very good. There are big classrooms with very good technology, library for studying in during free time and a canteen with cheap food and drinks.

The school is always concerned about the student. Every day, there are extra classes and different activities.(including at the weekend)

And for me the most important thing, is the school has students from all over the work. In my class, for example, there are students of at least 5 different countries and this is very important to improve my English.

My Classes

I really like the teaching method. We have two different teachers and a small test on Friday’s to evaluate the content learned that week.

The classes are very dynamic and we can talk a lot but always using grammar learned. Another important thing is the teacher is always making notes about our speech and after they do observations about the mistakes.

Every week we have to develop a small project with our classmates and there is a very interesting activity because we can improve our speaking skills.

Even after the first week, I could see that my English improved a lot. Before coming to Dublin, I couldn’t have a conversation with someone that spoke English. Now, I can have a great conversation, watching English films without subtitles and writing big texts in English. Every day my English is improving and this is very important for me because I’m an international relations student.


I really like Dublin because it is a very cosmopolitan city. You can meet people from all over the world and learn about all cultures. Sometimes is difficult to understand native speakers, but Irish people are very friendly and helpful.

Also, there are many options to enjoy your free time, such as pubs, cafes, parks, museums etc… Dublin is a very interesting city and I extremely recommend visiting this amazing city.