6 reasons you should study English in alpha college besides learning English

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There might be many reasons why you decide to go abroad to learn English. First of all, it is surely more effective than taking an English course in a non-English speaking country, since you will be forced to use English for everyday tasks like buying some groceries. But, probably more importantly, studying English abroad concerns much more than “just” learning a language.

When you come to Dublin to learn English, you are also living a life-time experience. You get out of your comfort zone and come all alone in a foreign Country. Great job! It definitely takes a lot of courage. We at Alpha College highly value this experience and we consider every aspect of it to be just as important as the language learning part. That is why we provide much more than just language lessons. Find out why Alpha College is much more than an exceptionally good English School.

We believe in the importance of friendship and human connection. For this reason, we offer an incredible wide range of social activities that will give you the chance to meet all the students in our school – during low season 150 people, while during high season, as many as 250. These people all come from different countries, and being around them will give you the chance to develop a true multicultural conscience and knowledge. All these people have different levels of English – you won’t be confined with the students from your class

#1. We are here to help

Moving to a new city is a very exciting adventure and, as with any other adventure, it’s not always a bed of roses. We at Alpha College know it well and we want things to run smoothly during your time in Dublin, so that you can enjoy only the good parts without having to worry about boring practical problems. Whether you struggle with a linguistic barrier or simply you don’t want to waste your precious time on tedious issues (such as looking for a house), we’ll provide you with all the help you need. From the moment you set a foot in Ireland, we are there for you: do you need someone to pick you up at the airport? Do you need an accommodation in a host family or in a residence? Do you need help to get your bus pass? (speaking of which, good news! As an Alpha student, you have the right to get an exclusive and convenient pass). Do you need help with your visa? You name it, we do it! Whether you need help with banal issues, like where to find most convenient supermarkets, or to organise a trip around Europe, we will be more than happy to help you!

#2. You will go back home culturally enriched

As mentioned earlier, there is more than the English language to this experience. We want to help you have a full cultural immersion, and for this reason we organise many activities to teach you about Ireland and the Irish tradition: you will learn about Irish music and how to play traditional music instruments, you will learn the basics to some traditional sports and discover the importance they have in Irish identity , you will learn about Irish art , you will learn how to properly taste Irish whiskey, and much more. Our staff will guide you through the discovery of Irish culture for free, and, in case there is a ticket to pay (e.g. to enter a museum), as an Alpha student you will receive a special discount.

#3. We will guide you in the discovery of Dublin

You are living in Dublin, which truly is an amazing city with much to discover, and we really want you to live it to the fullest! We do not want you to limit yourself to the usual tourist stuff (article on non tourist things to do in Dublin?) as we desire to provide you with a privileged view on this special city.

Since we want to make sure you enjoy your weekends as well, every Friday we organise a social night, where we bring our students to discover some cool pubs in Dublin. It doesn’t stop here! In fact, not only do we help you explore Dublin nightlife on Fridays; not only do we  organise different activities around the city for you to learn as much as possible about the Irish capital. We also want you to be independent, and we provide you with the right instruments to go and discover Dublin for yourself. Every week, our marvellous team (composed by me) rifles through the utter chaos of concert websites, online guides and Facebook events to create a quick digest for you to know what the must-dos of the week are. 

#4. We will guide you in the discovery of Ireland

Dublin is amazing (did I mention that already?) but there is much more to Ireland than its capital. For this reason, each Saturday we organise an excursion to show our students the best places in Ireland. Want a few examples? Some of our latest excursions brought us to the valley of the two lakes or the suggestive Tara hill and Trim castle.

#5. We will help you find a job

Do you like living in Ireland so much that you don’t want this experience to end with Alpha, but rather you want Alpha to be the beginning of your next, great adventure? Then, you might to get need a job! We know getting a job in a foreign country is not an easy task. For this reason we set up a workshop to help you develop your work finding skills and score the perfect job. We will show you all the useful websites to find job ads. You will craft a superb cv and we will show you the techniques to kill a job interview. And if you do kill it, you still can count on our support, from pre interview nerves to after hiring issues.

#6. You can play Table Tennis

We will finish with the latest feature in Alpha. The head of the campaign to buy a table tennis table was Jean Paul, who surprise surprise is very good at table tennis. So if you are a great table tennis player and you are reading this, please come to Alpha and beat Jean Paul in a game.

Although our offer is very diverse, we believe it all to be actually an integral part of learning English. Language is, in fact, much more than just grammar and lexicon, as it is rather the expression of a mindset, including the set of cultures and experiences of a Country and its people. What Alpha College provides to its students is not just classroom English, but a well-rounded experience through which you can really live that mindset yourself.