Lets get straight to the (7) point(s) – Why come to Alpha to learn English?

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We have already talked about how there are many ways out there to practise your English outside the classroom, especially with all the new technologies available. However I can’t stress enough that, in order to learn a language properly, you do need to take some real classes with real teachers.

Now that I’ve made this clear, you have to choose the best school for you to learn English. In Dublin alone, however, there are more than 40 schools of English! You have seen that Alpha college offers a great variety of activities, a great and friendly environment and altogether makes sure that you will never forget the great adventure you are living in Dublin. But, let’s face it, the main reason you are here is not to have fun. You want to learn English, fast and well. Why should you pick Alpha then?

During my stay in Dublin, I have seen students who were barely able to form a sentence becoming able to communicate confidently after only a few weeks of General English. This means a lot of dedication on their part, of course, but behind every successful student there is a great teacher, a great course and attentive staff. So, let’s see how the course work and if it’s the best for you. (spoiler alert: it is!)

This time I decided to make an infographic to show you the reasons:


Infographic: why study English at Alpha College