Eunji’s Thoughts on Travelling Around Europe

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Eunji recently came back from a trip to Iceland and Amsterdam so we asked her to write about her experience. Here is what she thought:

Dublin is the gateway to Europe

How many countries have you coloured in on your world map? How many passport stamps do you have?

If you are like me, you are hoping to colour in every country and fill your passport with stamps.

I am just back from a trip to Iceland and Netherlands on my holiday. Although I had made a decision to travel impulsively, it was quite a researched decision. I saved a lot of money with the cost of the flights which meant I could have a diverse experience.

Which has lead me to believe that one of the best things about studying in Dublin is that it is the ‘the gateway to Europe’. This might shock you as Ireland is an island but let me explain:

When you study English in Dublin, one day you suddenly want to see the Eiffel Tower or sing along to the Lion King musical in London, it is much easier than you might think.  

As you may know, there are some great low cost airlines such as, WOW AIR, EASYJET, VUELING, AIR EUROPA but the best of all is the Irish company, RYANAIR!  

You don’t need to have big budget to travel. All you need is a minimum budget and a desire to enjoy your trip! Because as long as you booked flights early, the cost would start under 20 EUR to fly from Dublin to London, Paris, Rome and so on. It just takes more or less two hours to get there.

A Different Experience

The another thing is you can be invited by your new friends who are Europeans.  That’s because many European students come to Alpha to learn English. When you have the English course, you will get along with them and become close friends. You will have many chances to go their hometown with them on weekends or on your holiday anytime. Even after they go back home, you can visit them.

It will be a different experience if you travel with people who are from the country you are visiting. You will have more time to explore. You will see more than just tourist attractions. Finding places that tourists don’t usually see is my favourite thing to do when I travel. It makes my trips special.  

That’s the way to fill in every colour on your map and  get  every stamp in your passport and then the colours and the stamps will remind you of meanings and special memories. And of course it will help your fluency in English… What a wonderful thing to do!  

So if you are looking for country to learn English and be able to see more countries easily, you should consider Ireland- specifically Dublin- on the map and then pack your bags to go to Dublin! It will definitely be worth choosing Dublin. No better choice  than this!