Valentine’s Day

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International views of Valentine’s Day

We asked our beloved students, how is Valentine’s Day usually celebrated in their country and here’s what they had to say.

Stephanos (45) from Greece:

“The Valentine’s Day in Greece is nowadays a commercial holiday. I don’t think we do anything special, apart from other European countries. We give presents to our partners, especially chocolate, flowers or tiny useful gifts.”

Gabriel (19) from Brazil:

“The actual Valentine’s Day is not on 14th February, but on 12th June. This day in Brazil is not that much about gifts, but mostly about spending time with people you love, so it could be either your partner, friends or family. We like to spend this day by doing something we all like together.”

Martina (26) from Italy:

“Celebrations vary from couple to couple, but most people go out for a nice dinner and give their loved ones little gifts, such as chocolates or flowers. We don’t celebrate this day with family nor friends. It’s just a “couples thing”.”

Toshie (31) from Japan:

“The tradition in Japan is not just to celebrate this day as a couple, but we also give chocolate to our friends, family, colleagues at work or bosses. It’s quite common to endow the people you are close with and not just your someone special.”

Fabien (21) from France:

“Valentine’s Day in France is very, very romantic. It’s a time to be specially together, go out for dinner and enjoy the evening together as a couple. Apart from the other countries, it’s mostly the man’s responsibility to prepare gifts and ask his loved one out for dinner. Thanks to the “Paris factor” it’s even more romantic than in any other country of Europe and you can basically feel love in the air on this day.”

Mehdi (23) from Algeria:

“Valentine’s in Algeria is also very commercial. It’s mostly celebrated among couples. Traditionally man gives a little gift to his girlfriend/wife, like flowers, parfum, chocolates etc. and woman can either give him a present or she cook for him.”  


This blogpost was written by Martina – marketing intern