Dublin’s greatest secrets

Marketing DepartmentExploring Dublin

Chapter 1 – The Storyteller

If you ever meet a real Dubliner, you might end up having a whale of a time. The only thing you have to do, is to ask. Ask them to recommend you some places. Some good old places. And that’s exactly what I did.

I met Liam on my first week at Alpha. At the beginning he was just “one of the teachers” to me. As days kept rolling, I’ve started to realize he might be one of the most interesting Irish people I’ve met so far. Not that I know that many Irish people, I surely don’t. But if you meet him, you will know what I’m talking about.

Liam has been living in Dublin since he was a baby. Even though he spent some time of his life abroad, he always returned to this wonderful city. I realize it may sound very strange for adventurers. What reason would make someone trade tropical Mexico for rainy Dublin? How come he returned when he had a chance to go anywhere else? Why would you keep coming back to where you already know it?

Well, if you really knew him, you would know he is one of those people. People, who could never leave their home city. Even if he doesn’t say it. You just know that Dublin is a part of him. And when you talk to him, you can feel it. You can feel the real atmosphere of Dublin. More than anywhere. When he talks about his favourite places, you feel like you are already there. That you’re not just listening to the story. You feel the vibe of the place. The energy. The uniqueness. The mysteriousness.

Hopefully, I will be able to pass some of those feelings onto you as well. And I hope I will encourage you to visit the following places at least as much as Liam’s encouraged me. There’s no better way to learn than exploring. And there are no better guides than locals. Trust me. I’m an engineer.

But all kidding aside, I believe that you are all dying to find out what the places are. Sadly, I’m not gonna tell you just yet. I hope you’re not too disappointed right now. I will tell you, I promise. Just not today. You wanna know why? Because great things are worth waiting for.

However, I’ll give you a hint. Just a tiny little piece of advice. It’s not that much about a place, than it is about a special person. A Person whose bond with Dublin is really strong, even though he wasn’t Irish. Any ideas? I’ll give you couple of days to think about it. In the meantime you can enjoy all the “not hidden” places of Dublin. Till then, may you know nothing but happiness.


Written by Martina, marketing intern