The Beast from the East

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a.k.a. national bread crisis

“Let’s go.”

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“We’re waiting for Emma.”

“I can’t go on like this.”

“That’s what you think.”


This is how I imagine a dialogue between people in Ireland and the government would go. Well, at least it seemed like that.

Since ancient times, people have always been afraid of the unknown. Unknown things. Unpredictable things. Lighting. Earthquakes. Beasts. Donald. And the worst part of it is that we always, ALWAYS overreact. Our tendency to exaggerate is just mad. We would give names to hurricanes, earthquakes, storms. Because why not make it bigger than it actually is, right?

Wednesday, 7 AM:

Schools are being closed. Public transport is expecting delays. Red flag alert is issued.

Brace yourselves.

Wednesday, 5 PM:

I went to a store. I swear it looked like a day before Christmas. Do you know that rush? Overcrowded shops. Overcar-red parking lots. People shopping like crazy. Everyone’s trying to stock up on as much food as possible, because shops will be closed for two days. Could you believe it? Two. Whole. Days. Nuts!

Wednesday, 7 PM:

Just chillin’. Waiting for the storm to begin.

Thursday, 8 AM:

Red alert is still valid. People are advised to stay indoors from 4PM onward. Hmmm, that gives me 8 more hours to do some proper bread shopping.

Thursday, 10 AM:

Shops are closing. What am I gonna do now?

Thursday, 1 PM:

I was lucky. Got me enough bread & milk for the rest of 2018. Yay me.

Thursday, 4PM:

The storm was supposed to start sometime around four.

Thursday, 5PM:

It didn’t.

Thursday, 7PM:

No worries, the government says. It is going to happen.

Thursday, 8PM:

Still nothing.

Friday, 8AM:

My host mom is watching the news. I overheard a bit. They said the worst is yet to come. Lovely.

Friday, 10AM:

Made me some toasts for breakfast. Gotta use all that bread before shops are opened again.

Friday, 11AM:

“Stay warm and safe. The storm is about to begin.” Yay.

Friday, 1PM:

Still waiting.

Friday, 2PM:

Waiting. I guess I’ll make me some sandwiches.

Friday, 2.30PM:

Great. I’m out of bread. I guess tomorrow I’m having breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Friday, 3PM:

I guess there’s nothing left to do than wait.

Friday, 3.30PM:

I saw a snowflake.

Friday, 3.45PM:

So it begins.


Finally, after almost 3 days of waiting for Go… ehm sorry, Emma, the blizzard begun. Boy, was I relieved. Once Emma was gone, life got back to normal. And I’ve never been more excited about Monday.


written by Martina, marketing intern