First impressions about Dublin

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Hi everyone!

I’m the new Marketing intern and I’m (kind of) new in town!

Before coming to Ireland I was soooo excited about this country and its green nature – and I still am!

Actually, before really establish myself in Dublin, I visited several cities in Ireland (yes, I really love traveling!) and I really advise you to go around this country and for sure you won’t regret it, you would have the opportunity to really appreciate the essence of this country as it is.

Apart from my  advice about traveling, that would be part of another blog post for sure, now it’s time to talk about the city and its atmosphere.

I’m not gonna talk (write) about monuments, tourist attractions or secret places that you can easily find in our recent post of the blog but I wanna talk to you about the way I see this city after 2 weeks that I’m here.

Well, I can start telling you that Dublin is a big city, but not that big.

So…what do I mean? Dublin is a big city and as all the big cities has all the service you want in few kilometers; but at the same time is a small city because you can reach any part from another easily in less than one hour.

You have to know that Dublin is divided into two parts by the Liffey, that is the river that separate the town into South and North.

I have to say that I love the fact that Dublin has a river, because it lets you take a break from the “citylife”, it lets you sit, watch it and calm down, or alternatively have a beer with friends. 🙂

What I really really really love is that it’s a city full of green! Ok, we’re in Ireland, it’s normal, and if you go just 20 min away from the city you will be covered by all the green, but I’m talking about the city centre. If you look at the map you could see several parks: Dublin boasts a lot of gardens and parks and, among others, the Phoenix park, whose area covers 707 hectares.

Another thing that I like but that it’s still strange for me is the time for sunset and sunshine. If you’re staying in Ireland during the summer period you will see the sun rising at 5 am and setting at almost 10 pm, that is incredible for me and it allows you enjoying your day till late. The only problem is that irish houses usually don’t have blinds so it’s better for you to quickly get used at the light entering your room, if you don’t want to get up at 5 in the morning. Of course, everything will change in winter, assuring you a sunrise at 8 am sunset at 4 pm.

And last, but not least, the thing that really surprised me most are the Irish people. They are really warm and helpful, more than once if they saw me looking around they asked me if I was lost or need any help, and they really assure you’re fine.

And what about you? What impressions have you had when you just arrived in this city?



written by Susanna – marketing intern