Best places to hang out in Dublin

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So, now that you are in Dublin, what do you do in your free time??

Certainly Alpha College organises a lot of activities for you, but what else is going on in this city?

As a big city, Dublin offers you variety of things you can do – and not too far away.

Every night you can go out for a beer and meet new people, mostly during the summer, moreover if you’re lucky and the weather is lovely like this week.

There are also a lots of events, and to know what’s going on you can follow some pages such as,,

But this post is actually to let you know about some pubs to hang out in when you are in Dublin. I will start with somewhere outside that you can enjoy during these days.

You cannot miss the Bernard shaw!! When you come in the main door you think it is a normal Irish pub, but if you keep walking you’ll find a really nice terrace and there usually is also a Dj playing music to guarantee you a really good time.

Just next door they also have the Eatyard: you will find this space open mostly on the weekends or when some festival are on, and you’ll find lots of food!

Finally, the best part of this place is that you can also have a Wonderful Pizza at “the big blue bus”, parked just in the courtyard! For 10€ you can have a really good pizza 😉

Then, thinking about World cup, what’s a good place to watch football matches in Dublin city?

I discovered a place called The living room, that allows you to watch your favourite team playing in HD screens, and drinking a beer in open air…. What else would you like?

Among the pubs to go in Dublin, you cannot miss the Church! And the name is not random, It used to be Church!! (and you can notice it just entering in the pub!)

It’s definitely worth a visit, and if you want to stay outside, they also have a lots of tables in their open terrace!

What if you want to go dancing? I’d advise you to go to Dicey’s: it’s a late bar, you have to pay the entry fee but there you can have cheaper drink than everywhere in Dublin! And you will surely have a good time! Moreover, they also have a beautiful garden inside.

Otherwise there’s always the River bar: free entrance all night and good latin music, if you like it! 🙂




Written by Susanna – Marketing intern