Why Dublin is the best place to study English

Marketing DepartmentAbout Dublin & Ireland

If you’re thinking about improving your English skills, and probably doing it outside your country, why not do it in Dublin?

Here you can find several reasons why you should come here to study English:

  • People say that if you learn English from Irish people, you will understand all English speaking people around the world
  • It’s not just studying English during your course, but also being immersed in a total English speaking environment. You have the opportunity to improve your English in every corner of this city, and people are so friendly that they can start a conversation with you in every context!
  • During the summer, you can experience as many seasons as you’d like! In one day you can see the 4 seasons together – not really boring weather, since you never know how it will be 🙂 –
  • You’ll meet hundreds of people just like you, who came to Dublin just to learn English! Moreover, It’s a city that’s used to welcoming foreigners and it’s full of young people.
  • It’s not a very big city, so that you can live easily and all the attractions in the city centre are within walking distance
  • The Irish are so nice and lovely, everyone’s ready to help you or just speak to you – very open and hospitable!
  • You can eat the best meat and butter you’ll have in your life!
  • Dublin is ready to give you a lot of opportunities, so it’s not just about learning English! You can easily get some work experience here: the job market is really active! If you’re thinking of launching your career, maybe this city can be the beginning of it!

This are just some reasons I feel you should come here to study, I’m sure you won’t regret coming here and you’ll sure have great craic!!



Written by Susanna – Marketing intern