Small Changes Pop-Up Shop 2019

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About the pop-up shop:

Last week our teachers Rachel and Katie, along with their B1 and B2 classes, hosted a pop-up meeting in Alpha. The pop-up shop was set up in order to educate staff and students on sustainable living, and encourage them to be more mindful and embrace eco-friendly habits in their everyday lives. Check out the Small Changes 2019 Instagram page to see the preparation that went into the project.


In light of this, Alpha has a big announcement regarding the Student Handbook that each student receives on their first day here. In order to cut down on paper usage the Student Handbook will no longer be printed. Instead, it will be made available online and in digital format, on hand whenever students may need it. We have decided to implement this change for a number of reasons related to eco-friendliness and sustainability. Using less paper helps to reduce deforestation, cuts energy usage, and helps to limit emissions and pollution. This is one small thing we can do to help the environment and show the Planet some love. We will continue to work on small changes that we can make to reduce the adverse effects that we have on the Earth, and encourage you to do so too!

One way you can do this is by shopping in wholesale stores, which our student Michele explained at the pop-up shop!

Below you’ll find ten easy ways that you can change your habits and help to maintain a healthy ecological balance for generations to come!

Ten top tips for being more eco-friendly:
  • Use tote bags, material bags, or bags-for-life when shopping, instead of purchasing plastic or paper bags each time.
  • Take public transport instead of driving to school or work – or better yet, walk or cycle!
  • Buy less plastic and food packaging – opt for products with minimal or no packaging.
  • Reduce food waste by making weekly meal plans, only buying groceries you need, and making a shopping list.
  • Switch off the lights when you leave a room or your home.
  • Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth or cleansing your face.
  • Only use plastic forks if you really have to – invest in steel straws and reusable travel cutlery where possible.
  • Buy cold water detergent for your laundry instead of always using hot water.
  • Purchase a reusable water bottle instead of drinking out of several single-use plastic bottles per day.
  • Get a travel mug for your morning coffee.

Try your best to make at least one small change today, and help the environment to prosper and grow.

All of Alpha’s classes are very focused on projects and teamwork. If you would like to be involved in projects like these, check out General English and our other courses to find out more!