Thibault’s Adventures with Alpha College: 6th May

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Alpha Visit: 6th May

During the May bank holiday, Alpha students were able to discover the beautiful Hill of Tara and the very famous Trim Castle!

Hill of Tara



This place is the seat of the High King of Ireland. We could discover and touch the Stone of Destiny, it was said to roar when touched by the rightful king of Tara. We also saw the wonderful landscape on the top of the highest hill of Tara and heard the beautiful stories about this magical place!




Trim Castle



Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland. It was built by Hugh de Lacy when he was granted the Liberty of Meath by King Henry II in 1172.

It was the principal shooting location of the film Braveheart.

We could discover the beauty of this place while walking along and across the Castle and the outside.





This day was a really great lesson of Irish history for Alpha students who really enjoyed this visit!!


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