Ireland has a mild, temperate climate with summer temperatures ranging from 16 – 240C.  The temperatures rarely drop below freezing point in winter.

We have a beautiful green country but it can rain quite often so students should bring a waterproof jacket and umbrella.


Ireland observes Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Electrical Current

The electrical current in Ireland is 220-240 AC volts.  The plugs most commonly used are 3-pin flat plugs.  Students wishing to use electrical items while in Ireland should purchase a travel adaptor.  Adaptors are easily available at all airports.


Shops are open Monday – Saturday from 09.00/10.00 until 17.30/18.00 with many shops staying open until 20.00 on Thursdays.  Larger shops and shopping malls are open on Sundays and Public Holidays from 11.00/12.00 – 18.00.  There are smaller grocery shops and newsagents in most areas in the city and suburbs and they are often open until 21.00/22.00 each day.


Banks are open between 10.00 and 16.00 Monday to Friday and on Thursdays until 17.00.

ATM machines are widespread and can be accessed with Credit Maestro/Cirrus cards.

Smoking Regulations

Smoking is forbidden in enclosed places of work in Ireland.  This includes offices, schools, colleges, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, pubs/bars and restaurants. Smoking is also prohibited on public transport, e.g. buses, trains etc.


It is not necessary to carry a passport for ID purposes but it can be useful to have some form of photo ID. Ireland is a safe country but as in all countries and cities it is necessary to be careful and aware of your surroundings.

The emergency numbers for police, ambulance, fire, sea and mountain rescue services are 999 or 112 and can be dialed from any mobile phone network.


In Ireland we drive on the left hand side of the road.  Please be careful when crossing the roads/streets and remember to check left and right before crossing.