Happy Pancake Tuesday!

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Today is Pancake Tuesday in Dublin so Marianne made some pancakes for staff and students to enjoy!  The Nutella option was very popular and the jar almost ran out before the pancakes…  

The world is tiny!

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One of our senior teachers, Liam Bradshaw, headed off on a new adventure recently to set up a new Language Department in a school in  Mexico.  After a very long flight he was walking through Benito Juarez Airport and randomly bumped into a former student of Alpha College from Korea! It just goes to show you that it’s a small world … Read More

Mizuki’s time at Alpha

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“The staff at Alpha College of English is kind and when I asked them something, they were always smiling. Every Friday, after we finish the morning class, a staff member gives students some sweets. I thought it is fantastic! I like the teachers in Alpha. Of course teachers are really kind, friendly and lovely, and their lessons are really interesting … Read More

Sung-Bae Lee comes back to Alpha College

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We had a great surprise this afternoon when our former student Sung-Bae Lee dropped in to say Hi. Sung-Bae was a student in Alpha 5 years ago and has since gone on to work in the television industry in his native Korea.  While he was studying with us he always said his dream was to work as a television presenter … Read More

Braulio “flying home” to Mexico

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Today is my last day in the school and I feel so happy to have taken the decision to come to Ireland for 6 months to improve my English. When I arrived here, for the first month, I didn’t understand when other people spoke.  Now my English is very good. The people, in general, in the school are so friendly. … Read More

Olga’s Story

Stephen ShorttMy Story in English

Last week Olga had a great story in class so we asked her to tell it again, but this time caught on camera so we could share it with you!

Welcome to our new site!

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We have been working hard to make sure that this site is as easy as possible for you to navigate around and get the information you need. If there is something that you think would be useful or if there is something you are having difficulty finding, please let us know and we will do our best to get it … Read More

Merry Christmas from Alpha College!

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We had our student and staff party just before we closed for Christmas.  The students sang some fantastic Christmas songs with Fergus leading the way on the guitar. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year break and we look forward to seeing you in 2012!

Valentina, Italy

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In Alpha College of English there is all what you need!! People of staff are very friendly and kind. Courses are well organized and you can learn in an easy way. I think that the best “good point” of these courses is the few people in the class that permit you to be relaxed and involved in the lessons.  I … Read More