Anyone but Bono… (Part One)

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Alternatives to U2… When the topic of Irish music comes up in class, I ask students to name some Irish singers or bands.  Nine out of ten students say U2.  Now, I really like U2 and unlike many Irish people, I even like Bono.  This is not what this blog is about.  There are so many other Irish singers and Irish … Read More

Irish Dancing on youtube!

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Michael Flatley, famous Irish-American dancer, came to fame in Riverdance in 1994. He went on to create his own dance show ‘Lord of the Dance’ and ‘Feet of Flames’. He now lives in Cork in a huge house in Fermoy called Castlehyde. He was a guest on a BBC chat show The Graham Norton Show this weekend. In the video… … Read More

Soorin Lee’s Testimonial

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“I won’t forget this experience. The staff really supported me. I could meet a lot of people and learn about different cultures.” – Soorin Lee from South Korea

Aleyna Adle Altay’s Testimonial

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“I was in Dublin for 3 months. I had great time there and really good experience. I loved to go to school because of Alpha staff and teachers they are funny, friendly and most important thing they are good teachers. I met a lot of friends from different countries. Hope to come back again in my future to Alpha.” – … Read More

Sergio Lopez Segovia’s Testimonial

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“Only words of gratitude for all Alpha’s staff, I could improve my English and meet great people there. Eight amazing months!! Thanks for everything mates.” – Sergio Lopez Segovia from Spain

Enrico Iguanta’s Testimonial

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“I am coming back to Alpha for my 3rd time. I can consider it my second home. I have been here for nearly 2 years. The staff and teachers made me feel welcome from my first day. The teaching system is perfect.” Enrico Iguanta from Italy