Omani National Day

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To celebrate the birthday of Qaboos bin Said al Said and National Day in Oman we shared some delicious baklava in the canteen.

Alpha Night School – Trailer

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To celebrate Hallow’een, some of our team dressed up a spooky students… We will have the world premier of our Night School video tomorrow but here is a little teaser of some of the preparation and behind the scenes views of the video.

Student Testimonial Kanji

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Kanji came to us from Japan, after winning a Government of Ireland scholarship. We asked him to share his thoughts on Ireland, Dublin and Alpha College.

Dublin win the All Ireland Football Final

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Dublin recently played in (and won!) the All Ireland Football Final 2013.  We sent our Venezuelan Sports Reporter Frederik along to meet some of the fans from both Dublin and Mayo to try to understand what this “Gaelic Football” was all about and how it’s so different from soccer.

Cem from Turkey – Student Testimonial

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Cem is studying Business Administration in Istanbul and wants to improve his English to further his education by doing a masters in Ireland, UK or America. We asked him why he chose to come to Ireland to improve his English and of course, what he thinks about Alpha College.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia – fear of Friday 13th

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Today is Friday the 13th of September – a very unlucky day for those who believe in the superstitions… The fear of Friday 13th as a date is know as Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Are you superstitious?

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 – World Economic Forum

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The World Economic Forum produced a report before the summer about the International Travel and Tourism industry. The 481 page document is very detailed with lots of interesting data but obviously, here in Alpha College, we were most interested in how Ireland performed in some key areas and we did pretty well! For Customer Service, Quality of Natural Environment and Safety … Read More

International Left Handed Day!

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To celebrate International Left Handers day we played Left Handed Pictionary with some of the Alpha staff… Many claimed they wouldn’t have drawn any better even if they used their right hands… Happy International Left Handers Day from Alpha College of English!

Iyi Bayramla!

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We asked two of our Turkish students – Burcu & Melis – to explain the celebration which takes place today to mark the end of Ramadan.