6 ways to boost your language learning outside the classroom

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boost your language learning

Even in today’s technologically advanced (and dependant) society, it is fundamental to participate in some language classes with real teachers that will help you improve all four of your language skills (writing, listening, speaking and reading) and help you reach your personal learning goals more quickly. In particular, in class you get the chance to practice your conversation skills in … Read More

Language Point : Prepositions of Time

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We’re very proud of our highly talented and experienced teachers here in Alpha College. Check out the latest in our Language Point videos where Alpha teacher, Katie, outlines the different prepositions used for time expressions. If you’ve any questions or confusions or need help with your English, please contact us through facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlphaCollegeofEnglish or twitter https://twitter.com/AlphaCollegeCom  

5 words to distinguish dresses.

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Learning English in Dublin is great and all…but what if you can’t talk about what’s going on in the world of celebrity and fashion?? You might need a few words to help you… So, the Emmy’s were on last night, and the dresses on the red carpet were beautiful. Here in Alpha, we’ve been discussing the different necklines that were … Read More

For, Since and Ago

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Many students of English get confused when using the words For, Since & Ago.  Choosing the correct word depends on the focus you want to give to your sentence.  Today, Liliane explains when and how we use each of these words.

Used To

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Meet “Maggie”… She is going to help Rachel to explain how we use “Used To” to talk about habits in the past…

Say and Tell

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Today Rachel explains when we use “Say” and when we use “Tell” in English.  They both mean verbal communication but we use them in different ways.  Here we give you a simple way to remember which to use when you are speaking with someone.

Come and Go

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Today we look at the verbs “come” and “go”, which often confuse English language students.  We are also going to look at how to when we use the word “back” with these verbs.

“Me too” and “Me neither”

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Some students get confused with when to use “Me too” and “Me neither”.  Katie explains the difference between the two. We use “me too” when we agree with a positive sentence and “me neither” when we agree with a negative sentence.

Some & Any

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Some students get confused with when we use “some” and when we use “any”.  Today, Rachel clears up any confusion!

Lend & Borrow

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In today’s video tutorial, Liliane explains the difference between two related verbs – Lend & Borrow