Twin English Centre Dublin (formerly Alpha College of English) was founded in 1989 and started as an executive training centre providing high level management and technical courses in English to non native-English speakers. 

We found that the demand for high quality English language courses was just as important and we started providing the General English courses with a focus on Business and Specialised Programmes.

Over the last 28 years we have stayed true to the founding principle of offering the highest quality standards to our students from around the world. 
When we first opened our famous green door we had approximately 20 students starting with us from 3 different countries.  Last year we welcomed 52 different nationalities to Dublin and we always try to ensure the best possible nationality mix in all our classes. 

We are fully recognised by the Irish department of Education.  We are also members of the most prestigious quality marks in the International Language Travel industry – EAQUALS.

Our General English curriculum covers a rolling 12 week period at all levels from Elementary to Advanced.  Our core classes take place from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday with a short coffee break at ten to 11.

We offer 2 junior summer programmes for young learners in Dublin and .  We have homestay or residential accommodation options and offer the same level of quality teaching to all our junior students.

Whether you are coming as a General English or General Business English student, for an English for Special Purposes course, Teacher Training, Work Experience or as a Young Learner; we aim to offer you the highest quality courses with the best student support while you are in Dublin.

If you have any comments or queries, we’d love to hear from you and I hope to see you in Dublin very soon…