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At Alpha our research indicates that as well as needing to learn English for educational and professional or career advancement many of our students would also like to develop their leisure-time skills at the same time as they are taking an English language course.

Our Photography module is developed to facilitate students who want to perfect their photography skills with like-minded students in an English language environment.

This module is delivered by University graduates of Film and Broadcasting who have experience in Print Photography, TV and Radio. They are also qualified teachers of English so their unique skillsets, up-to-date knowledge and enthusiasm ensure that students taking this module will benefit enormously from the programme.


Students will join our General English morning classes at the appropriate level and will take the Photography module as an afternoon module with classes on 5 afternoons over a 2 week period

In the afternoon modules you will cover:

Introduction to Photography techniques and terminology.

Get to know how to frame a photo, rule of thirds, exposure, aperture and shutter speeds. Learn what makes a great picture.

Introduction to street and architecture photography – complicated spaces.

Learn how to capture complicated spaces including busy street scenes and getting an angle on unique architectural motifs

Introduction to landscape photography.

Understand the balance of colours, tones and learn about foreground focus, bokeh and subtitling drawing the eye to the subject of the picture.

Introduction to portrait photography.

Get to know the basic poses and lighting techniques to make your models look their best.

Introduction to photo editing techniques.

Get to know effects to enhance photos and how to fix, adjust or improve photos already shot.

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  • 8th June 2015
  • 10th August 2015
  • 14th September 2015
  • Groups on other dates by arrangement.


2 weeks Standard General English morning programme + Photography module €635

Administration €65

Accommodation, Standard Host Family, Half Board, 1 week + 6 nights: €325 (+€20 for August dates)


Self Catering, student residential accommodation €380 (August only)

Airport transfer, arrival and departure €70 each way (Optional)