This 1-week course on English Language Training and Methodology in Practice is of significant benefit to teachers who need to improve their current General English language levels as well as refresh their language teaching skills and use of technology in their classes, share ideas on best practice methodologies with colleagues from across Europe thereby improving overall English language teaching in their schools and, as a result, the learner outcomes for their students

Course Objectives

The objectives of this 1-week English Language Training + New Technology in Practice are

  • To develop and consolidate participants’ language skills by enhancing overall competency in General English language usage in a multi-national environment
  • To enhance communication in English between teachers and students
  • To familiarise participants with key issues in English language teaching including use of technology and the use of the web as a teaching resource
  • To increase awareness of current trends in digital assessment for the language classroom
  • To promote awareness of contemporary Ireland
  • To establish contacts between teachers from a variety of European backgrounds and facilitate future networking among these professionals
  • To produce high-quality learning outcomes for participants thereby re-enforcing the capacity and international scope of their schools


The overall approach in the language development classes is communicative with students encouraged and facilitated to use the language learned in the classroom. The syllabus for the morning classes covers all the language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar activities. Class work includes individual, pair and group work, discussions, debates, project work, presentations, written tasks and listening exercises. Each week a project topic is introduced to the class and students present their project work to the class at the end of the week. Participants will also have opportunities to observe English language teachers using technology and applications in their classes.

Participants’ needs are evaluated; learning objectives are set and participants receive focused feedback. Areas for improvement are addressed through revision sessions and progress tests.

The afternoon input sessions focus on current use of technology in the language classroom and are a blend of lecture format and practical activities.

There are also afternoon activities where the participants are encouraged to develop their language skills in a more informal environment outside of the classroom, further enhance their knowledge of Ireland and explore the possibilities of using locally sourced materials to enhance teaching.


This is a 1-week course consisting of 28 contact hours plus an afternoon cultural excursion. The contact hours are made up of 20 hours English language development plus 8 hours training on a range of tech tools and apps in the area of English language teaching.

Advice is provided on opportunities for extended Informal Learning and Personal Research related to their course on Saturday and Sunday.

Follow Up

On the final day of the course, the participants engage in a reflection session in which they are encouraged to examine benefits gained from the course and complete a course evaluation form. Participants are encouraged to keep contact via email and private social networking. Regular follow-up contact is made with the participants after completion of the course. The Alpha trainers are available for follow-up advice and support at all times.

To apply for the English Language + New Technology in Practice Course

To make application for Erasmus+ funding for this course or any of our other in-service training courses for teachers please visit your National Agency website for full information on the application process.

About Alpha College

Alpha College has a staff of highly qualified, experienced and motivated teacher trainers who are also practising teachers of English, experienced in using up-to-date methods with learners at all levels of language learning. In addition Alpha College has been providing in-service training courses for teachers from overseas for the last 18 years.

Course Programme

Day one

  • On arrival participants take a written and oral English language placement test. They also attend an induction session where they are given information about the school and Dublin and receive out-of-hours emergency contact telephone numbers.
  • Participants are placed in multinational English classes at their level and will follow the syllabus at that level for the remainder of the programme
  • Creating the digital portfolio
  • ICT and Lesson Design

Day two

  • Continuation of development of general English language skills in multinational class at appropriate level.
  • Tools and Apps for formative and summative assessment

Day three

  • Continuation of development of general English language skills in multinational class at appropriate level. Project Preparation.
  • Recording Material and Activities

Day four

  • Continuation of development of general English language skills in multinational class at appropriate level. Project Preparation.
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • Course review and evaluation. Implications for future practice. Establishment of base and guidelines for future contact and networking

Day five

  • Continuation of development of general English language skills in multinational class at appropriate level.
  • An orientation tour of Dublin to provide participants with an opportunity to practise their English in a more informal setting outside the classroom, familiarise themselves with the geography and history of the city and allow participants to collect authentic materials for use in the classroom

Course Dates

  • 22nd April 2019
  • 24th June 2019
  • 11th November 2019
  • (or by arrangement for closed groups)

Language Level

  • Minimum B1

Course Fees

Programme including materials; excursions and activities as outlined in the programme

  • 525

Host family accommodation; single room; half board

  • 380 for 2 weeks (June -September)
  • 400 for 2 weeks (July and August)

Student Self Catering Accommodation; July & August with limited availability from 16th June

  • 295 per week

Airport Transfers (optional)

  • 70 – Arrival
  • 70 – Departure

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