This course is of significant benefit to non-native teachers of English:
• who need to enhance their own English language skills
• who wish to share ideas on best practice methodologies with colleagues from across Europe thereby improving the overall approach to social integration through the PE Department in their schools and, as a result, the overall school experience for their students.

Course Objectives

The aims of this course are:
• To develop the English language skills of participants in order to improve their ability to communicate on sporting and social integration issues
• To increase confidence in attending and contributing to international conferences and training sessions where the main language is English in the area of PE and its importance for education in general.
• To explore current thinking on the physical and mental aspects of preparation for competitive sporting activities including strategies for helping to reduce pre-competition stress for young participants
• To consider and share experiences on ways in which PE departments can help in supporting confidence-building and social interaction across a school
• To promote awareness of contemporary Ireland
• To establish contacts between teachers from a variety of European backgrounds and facilitate future networking among these professionals.


The morning classes cover all the language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar activities. Class work includes individual, pair and group work, discussions, debates, project work, presentations, written tasks and listening exercises.
Participants’ needs are evaluated; learning objectives are set and participants receive focused feedback. Areas for improvement are addressed through revision sessions and progress tests
The PE teacher element is delivered by a TWIN teacher trainer in conjunction with trainers and sports personnel who are professionals in the area of developing intercultural awareness and social inclusion through sporting activities.


This course on General English + Specialised Training for PE Teachers is a 1-week course consisting 20 morning General English Language sessions plus 1 afternoon Functional English class, 2 afternoons in mini workshop format and 2 afternoon teacher-led cultural activities. Advice is provided on opportunities for extended Informal Learning and Personal Research related to their course on Saturday and Sunday

Follow Up

On the final day of the course, the participants engage in a reflection session in which they are encouraged to examine benefits gained from the course and complete a course evaluation form. Participants are encouraged to keep contact via email and private social networking. Regular follow-up contact is made with the participants after completion of the course. Twin English Centre Dublin trainers are available for follow-up advice and support at all times.

To apply for the English Language+ Programme for PE Teachers

To make application for Erasmus+ funding for this course or any of our other in-service training courses for teachers please visit your National Agency website for full information on the application process.

About Twin English Centre Dublin

Twin English Centre Dublin has a staff of highly qualified, experienced and motivated teacher trainers. They are also practising teachers of English, experienced in using up-to-date methods with learners at all levels of language learning. In addition Twin Dublin has been providing in-service training courses for teachers from overseas for the last 18 years.

Course Dates

  • 29 June – 6 July
  • (or by arrangement for closed groups)

Language Level

  • B1/B2

Course Fees

Programme including materials; excursions and activities as outlined in the programme

  • 495

Host family accommodation; single room; half board

  • 200 per week (July and August) ( + €30 supplement for private bathroom)

Student Self Catering Accommodation; (July & August and limited availability in June).
Single room with private bathroom; shared kitchen/living room.
Beckett House.
5 minutes on foot from Twin English Centre Dublin and from city centre.

  • 295 per week

Airport Transfers (optional)

  • 70 – Arrival
  • 70 – Departure

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