English & Professional Work Experience

This internship programme is ideal for undergraduates and graduates who want to improve their communication skills in General English classes in the first part of the programme and consolidate those skills by working in an industrial, commercial, financial or professional enterprise in the second part. Participants find it invaluable when seeking employment on their return to their own country.

The work experience module of this programme is not available in July, August or September.


The English and Work Experience Programme provides participants with an excellent method of learning and using English in a practical way.

Students are placed, where possible, in an Irish enterprise appropriate to their qualifications and experience. Here they join the workforce of the company and gain valuable experience in a business environment. They are given tasks of varying complexity to complete, depending on their ability, motivation and qualifications.

In addition to the exposure they get to the activities of a modern company, course participants have the opportunity of practising their English skills in an authentic work environment. This programme provides them with an excellent opportunity to enhance their employment prospects on their return home.

Commencement Dates

The English language training element of this programme begins every Monday throughout the year (except when a public holiday occurs on a Monday. In such cases we provide an excursion on the Monday and classes commence on the following day).
The work experience element may only be started from October to June inclusive.


Students take a combination of English classes and Work Experience with a minimum total of 4 weeks English classes and 4 weeks Work Experience.

They may take the General English Standard or Super Intensive course or the General & Business English course or a combination of these courses by arrangement with the Academic Manager.

They then undertake the unpaid work experience element of the programme. Every effort is made to try to place the student in the area of his/her first choice but this cannot always be guaranteed.
The work experience module lasts a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Before commencing the work experience element of this programme students are helped to compile their CV and prepare for their interview. They are also given comprehensive guidelines to help them derive maximum benefit from their work experience.
While students are on work experience they are continually monitored by our Work Experience Co-ordinator who liaises with the company if there are any queries or problems.

Level of English Required

Upper Intermediate / Pre B2

Minimum Age

20 Years of Age


Students must have reached at least Upper Intermediate level of English before commencing the work experience element.

Students must take a minimum total of 4 weeks English classes and 4 weeks Work Experience.

Participants must sign a form stating that they understand the objectives of the Work Experience programme before the booking can be confirmed.

Students must be 20 years of age or over before being accepted on this programme.

This programme is available to EU students only.

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