This course is of significant benefit to English language teachers who:
• need to improve their current General English language levels
• refresh their language teaching skills and use of technology in their classes
• share ideas on best practice methodologies, including assessment, with colleagues from across Europe thereby improving overall English language teaching in their schools and, as a result, the learner outcomes for their students.

Course Objectives

The aims of this course are:
• to develop and consolidate participants’ own language skills
• to enhance communication in English between teachers and students
• to familiarise participants with key issues in English language teaching including use of technology and the use of the web as a teaching resource
• to increase awareness of current trends in assessment for the language classroom
• to establish contacts between teachers from a variety of European backgrounds and facilitate future networking among these professionals.
• to promote awareness of contemporary Ireland
• to produce high-quality learning outcomes for participants thereby re-enforcing the capacity and international scope of their schools


The morning classes cover all the language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar activities. Class work includes individual, pair and group work, discussions, debates, project work, presentations, written tasks and listening exercises. The afternoon input sessions focus on a range of current methodologies in practice, including use of technology and assessment and are a blend of lecture format and practical activities.


A 2-week course consisting of 56 classroom contact hours plus an afternoon trainer-led cultural programme designed to increase awareness of the wealth of locally available resources which can be incorporated into classroom teaching activities.

Follow Up

On the final day of the course, the participants engage in a reflection session in which they are encouraged to examine benefits gained from the course and complete a course evaluation form. Participants are encouraged to keep contact via email and private social networking. Regular follow-up contact is made with the participants after completion of the course. Twin English Centre Dublin provide advice and support at all times.

To apply for the course

To make application for Erasmus+ funding for this course or any of our other in-service training courses for teachers please visit your National Agency website for full information on the application process.

About Twin English Centre Dublin

Twin English Centre Dublin is an approved training centre for the ACELS/QQI Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT) and has a staff of highly qualified, experienced and motivated teacher trainers who train prospective ELT teachers year-round. They are also practising teachers of English, experienced in using up-to-date methods with learners at all levels of language learning. In addition Twin English Centre Dublin has been providing in-service training courses for teachers from overseas for the last 16 years.

Course Dates

  • 6 April – 20 April
  • (or by arrangement for closed groups)

Language Level

  • Upper Intermediate

Course Fees

Programme including materials; excursions and activities as outlined in the programme

  • 1020

Host family accommodation; single room; half board

  • 380 for 2 weeks (July and August)

Student Self Catering Accommodation; (July & August only)

  • Price not finalised (July and August)

Airport Transfers (optional)

  • 70 – Arrival
  • 70 – Departure

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