Twin Group has acquired Alpha College of English 

We are excited to announce that Twin Group have now acquired Alpha College of English in central Dublin. This acquisition brings good change. The school building and facilities will receive a small make-over and there will be an expansion of courses available for students…

So, who are Twin Group?

Twin Group are a large, award-winning organisation who provide many services that focus on the helping people achieve success. One of the services they offer is a selection of language schools which are situated in London, Dublin and Eastbourne. To find out more about them, visit

What will change now Alpha College of English has become a Twin language school?

Now that Alpha College of English has been acquired by Twin Group, we will be changing the school name to Twin English Centre Dublin. You will also notice that the purple Twin logo will begin to replace the Alpha College of English logo on the website and in the school. The front door will even change colour, from green to purple.

We will also be introducing afternoon classes and Academic Year. For full details of the courses available, please see here.

What if I have already booked a course? Is my course still running?

Yes. Even though the school is changing name your booking is still valid, and your course will run as normal in 2019/2020.

If you have any questions, please do contact the school, we will be more than happy to help:

  • Phone: +353 1 8747 024
  • Email:

How do I book a new course?

You have two options. You can either click ‘Book Online’ on this website and complete the form, or you can visit Twin’s website and book there instead. Both options will be accepted and are easy to complete.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us on:

  • Phone: +353 1 8747 024
  • Email:

We look forward to hearing from you!