Mornings and 5 x 45 minute one-to-one afternoon classes per week

Class organisation

The morning classes are those of the Standard Course, GE01, as described in the General English section.

Students taking this module complete a Language Needs Analysis with their teacher or before they arrive. The purpose of this analysis is to determine specific areas on which the student wishes to concentrate.

At the beginning of the first one-to-one class the student and teacher agree together on any areas which might need to be prioritised.

The most common areas covered are presentation skills; dealing with clients; telephone English; negotiating skills; writing e-mails; participating in meetings; giving technical explanations; inter-cultural differences. We can also offer Legal and Medical English options.

Students taking this module often use the classes to prepare a particular presentation they need to make at a forthcoming conference or marketing/product launch event. Students on this programme may, if they wish, prepare a presentation and have it professionally filmed.

As these classes are customised to the needs of each student there is no minimum level of English required but we would suggest that students should have at least A2 level to benefit optimally from the classes.