Twin English Centre Dublin (formerly Alpha College of English) directors, managers, teachers, administrators, staff and stakeholders are fully committed to the provision of the best possible learning opportunities to each student who attends our schools.  In our ongoing quest for continuous improvement, we are members of some quality associations which monitor for quality performance and provide opportunities for ongoing improvement and development.


Recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland for English Language Education.

Some comments from our inspection reports include:

‘Twin English Centre Dublin has an experienced and dynamic management team who place a strong emphasis on the implementation and sustainability of systems and procedures which enable them to aspire to high levels of effectiveness and efficiency through their on-going self-assessment activities.’ (2011)

‘There was a warm friendly atmosphere in all classes.  Students cooperated enthusiastically and it was clear that there was a good rapport between students and teachers.’ (2011)

‘Teachers’ enthusiasm and dedication was evident.’ (2011)

‘In the Student Focus group, all of the students were very happy with their experience in the school. Expectations had been met and often exceeded.’ (2011)

‘They mentioned the friendliness and helpfulness of all staff.  They spoke very positively about their learning experience, the commitment of the teachers, the teaching methods used.  They all agreed that they had made significant progress in their English to date.’ (2011)

‘It is evident from the examination of the college’s documentation along with information gained during the inspection that the directors, management and staff are committed to providing quality programmes, professionally delivered in a caring and supportive environment for the learners which reflect best practice and current trends in the field.’ (2011)

‘A developmental, supportive and constructive environment for all staff.’ (2011)

‘A rich cultural experience for the learners via the social activities programmes as well as through the project scenarios programme which represents an innovation in the school.’ (2011)

‘Students emphasized that they were happy with the teaching, their learning experience, their accommodation and the range of social activities provided.’ (2011)

‘Highly competent, experienced, committed personnel occupy key roles. This ensures the delivery of quality service to students.’ (2008)

‘The continuity among key staff is testament to a positive and supportive working environment.’  (2008)

‘The teaching observed ranged from satisfactory to excellent with the majority at the higher end of the continuum.’ (2008)

‘The facilities create an excellent learning environment.’ (2008)

eaqualsEAQUALS  (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services)

The aim of EAQUALS is to promote and guarantee quality in modern language teaching institutions. To achieve these aims it has established and published a demanding set of criteria for membership. These are laid out in the form of a Code of Conduct, Student, Staff and Information Charters and backed up by a rigorous inspection scheme.

The most recent EAQUALS inspection took place in October 2015 and as a result of this 2-day inspection the Inspectors identified points of excellence in the following categories:

  • Management and Administration
  • Client Services
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Staff Profile and Development
  • Course Design and Supporting Systems
  • Internal Communications
  • Assessment and Certification
  • External Communications
  • Academic Resources

Some comments from previous EAQUALS inspection reports include:

In the student focus group ‘the course participants expressed their satisfaction with the courses, the delivery of language teaching and the level of personal attention. Students confirmed that there was easy access to all members of staff and information and advice was freely and effectively given.’ (2011)

Curriculum and Syllabus – the inspectors felt that this is an area of excellence at the institution. ‘The system in operation is not only functional and very user-friendly; it also allows for structured learning and teaching on one hand, and for effectively addressing course participants’ needs on the other.  (2011)

The inspectors felt that the level of care showed by all members of the institution’s staff towards course participants, attention to detail and a constant striving to improve the services offered makes this (accommodation and additional services to students) an area of excellence.  (2011)

One of the features of the teaching staff is the length of time they have stayed at the centre.  (2011)

There is an “open door” policy throughout the institution which greatly facilitates communication. There is a culture of open communication at the institution, clearly instilled by the Management. The inspectors consider this an area of excellence at the institution  (2011)

The inspectors were impressed by the effective management of the institution and are convinced that this is an area of excellence  (2011)

At the focus group meeting the students complimented the school on its high standards of customer services and its commitment to quality. The students confirmed that the staff are competent and approachable, helpful and friendly (2008)

The inspectors saw well-planned classes, purposeful activities focused on developing speaking and listening skills and involving pair and group work (2008)

There are clear and effective placement procedures. The inspectors saw no evidence of misplacement or student discontent arising from class levels (2008)

The quality management systems in place at the school are transparent, professional and coherent, and so is the accompanying documentation. Both inspectors felt that it is an area of excellence (2008)

The inspectors visited 4 host families, all of them easily accessible by bus, the commuting time under 30 minutes. The inspectors found the host family accommodation and related services, including opportunities for further language practice of a high standard. (2008)

Students at the focus group meeting expressed their satisfaction with the quality of host accommodation provided by the school and appreciated the social aspect of it and an opportunity to practise the language. They also pointed out that if problems arise they are dealt with quickly and effectively (2008)